Lotus Silicone Hoses

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Full set of Lotus Hoses for Elan & Plus 2
Full set of Lotus Hoses for Elan & Plus 2
Lotus Elan & Plus 2 - Top Hose
Lotus Elan & Plus 2 - Bottom Hose
Lotus Elan & Plus 2 - Heater Hoses
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Replaces the original rubber coolant hoses (which are prone to perishing etc) with a far superior material.

Silicone rubber is highly resilient to deterioration and has a much higher bursting pressure.

These hoses will give a long service life and keep their appearance over time.

The ½” bore heater hoses are specially designed for better and easier fitting behind the dashboard and reduce chances of airlocks in the heater and cooling system.

Silicone hoses of this quality are used by the top race teams, and high performance car manufacturers.

Hoses are supplied with special stainless steel hose clips designed not to damage the hoses.

Product Tips

Only use the hose clips I supply. They may look like normal clips but  have subtle and crucial differences.

Never use silicone rubber hose for fuel or oil.

Silicone is an expensive material.  There are a lot of cheap imports from abroad and experience has found that the vital silicone content is very low.  These imported hoses are cheap for a reason.

Did you know?

Natural rubber  only has a three (3) year service life from date of manufacture. After this time it is starting to deteriorate.  That includes coolant hoses, brake and fuel lines, tyres and rotoflexes.  Always check them regularly.

Fitting Instructions

The top and bottom hoses are a direct swop for the originals.  The heater hoses have been specially designed for easier and better fitment behind the dash board.  These are supplied longer than necessary and need to be cut to length.  The hoses cut very easily with a sharp stanley knife or scalpel.

When fitting the bottom hose loosening and tipping the radiator forward can make installation easier.

Care should be taken to make sure the bottom hose clears the steering column and does not rub on it.

Putting the hoses into warm water before installing can aid installation (especially in cold weather).

If the hoses get dirty  they can be cleaned with hot soapy water. Baby wipes also work quite well.

Only use the supplied hose clips as they are designed not to damage the hoses.

Silicone rubber should not be used as fuel line.

From £38.00

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