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Twin Rear Mounted Fan
Twin Rear Mounted Fan
Single Heavy Duty Rear Mounted Fan
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Radiator front - all that cooling space!
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The cooling system on the Elan and Plus 2 is always one of the most problematic areas especially on the later models with the smaller radiator.

My cooling fan kits are designed to fit onto the original earlier S3 full width radiator.  Unlike the original, these fans fit behind the radiator allowing unrestricted airflow to the front of the radiator.

(I also do front mounted fan conversions. These are only advisable when you cant fit rear mounted fans due to space limitations such as after fitting a toothed belt conversion).

Two fan kit options are available:-

Twin Fan Kit Rear Mounted.
Uses two high efficiency “Revotec” slimline fans.  These fans despite being extra thin to fit between engine and radiator are still capable of flowing large volumes of air.

Single Rear Mounted.
Uses one heavy duty 10% uprated fan.

Product Tips

Modern electric fans are always best fitted behind the radiator.  Attaching a fan to the front of the radiator obstructs and reduces air flow.  Avoid fitting a modern fan onto the front of the later Elan S4, Sprint and Plus 2 with the smaller radiator.  A modern cooling fan fitted onto this radiator will obstruct air flow to the point of causing more problems than it cures.   Unfortunately there is not enough space to fit a fan behind the small radiator .

The S3 Elan and early Plus 2 used a full width radiator based on the Triumph Spitfire/Herald unit.

The S4, Sprint and later Plus 2 used a smaller radiator with side panels to adapt it to fit the original mounting points.

An S3/ early Plus 2 radiator will bolt straight into the later Elans and Plus 2’s fitted with the smaller radiator.

For extra clearance between radiator and engine use a set of my adjustable radiator brackets.

Read my article on improving your cooling system.

From £145.00

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