Bespoke Parts for Classic Cars

I produce bespoke classic car parts not available anywhere else to:

  • solve specific problems with classic cars
  • improve reliability
  • increase longevity of parts
  • make the cars more enjoyable to own

“Your parts are of excellent design and quality, and do provide solutions to problems of the original design.”  Don Gray, S4 Elan owner and repeat customer.

A lot of time and effort designing, testing and talking with specialists goes into producing these parts so they are some of the best on the market (that’s no idle boast)!

I only produce parts that are better than the original.  This is achieved by redesigning, using better materials or just making something that did not exist before – to solve a common problem.

A bit of history

Ever since I can remember, I have loved cars and machinery.  There were always posters of cars (usually Lotus Esprit Turbos) on my bedroom wall as a kid.  When I left school I did a mechanical apprenticeship at a government research site. They taught me how to design and make things and also how machines work.  I have worked on some incredible projects and machines over the years.

As an apprentice with money in my pocket the only thing to do was buy a car.  I had my first sports car a Triumph Stag with a 3L V8 at the age of 19. (My first Lotus at 24, an Excel SE).  I remember having problems with the electric windows so I stripped it all down to investigate. One of the plastic sliders had broken. I thought it looked a bit flimsy anyway and so I designed and made a new one.  I fitted it and it worked much better than the original.  The very first car part I made was a success and got me thinking what else needed improving.

My Uncle at the time had an old Daimler which he took to Concours shows.  He needed a part which was no longer available so I volunteered to make one for him.  My Uncle happened to show this part to a Daimler specialist who was impressed and suggested I make a few more. That was how it all started.

I now own a Lotus Elan Sprint which uses all the parts I have designed for it.  Elan parts are probably what I am best known for.  Most famously I designed a new type of thermostat housing to overcome some issues in the cooling system.  It was such a success (I have sold them all over the world), it is now referred to by other Elan owners as a “cliveyboy thermostat housing”.  Google it and see how happy people are with it.

Apart from supplying parts to enthusiasts for their own cars I now supply various specialists with parts to use on cars they are rebuilding.

Why buy from me?

When you buy parts from me, you are dealing with an individual, not a big faceless company.  In fact, you are dealing with the guy who designed, fitted, tested and uses the parts on his own cars.  I can (and do) give genuine advice on suitability and fitting.

Buy from a big aftermarket supplier and you’ll be presented with thousands of generic parts designed to fit as many cars as possible – that might fit yours.  Buy from me and you’ll get parts specifically designed to fit your car and solve the problems associated with that car.

The vast majority of companies I deal with are British based.  All the manufacturing companies I commission to make specific items for me are also British based.  I do not (and never will) supply cheap Chinese/Asian imported parts of unknown quality.

The companies I use to supply parts to me are all highly respected, with customers such as Aston Martin, Cosworth, F1 and World Rally teams, and various specialist car producers.  Even Harry Potter.  YES REALLY… one of them made parts for his triple decker bus and various other items that appear in the films.

Don’t just take my word for it.  Ask any owner who has fitted my parts, or check out  where I am a regular contributor – see what people have to say about me or check the testimonials from happy owners and companies I supply.

Cars I work on

  • Lotus Elan, Elan Plus 2, Excel, Esprit, Elite Eclat.
  • Cortina, 7.
  • All Imp engine based cars.  Hillman Imp, Husky, Van, Stilleto, Ginetta G15, Clan Crusader, Davrian, Darian.

What now?

Click here to view products, or if you have a question/need some advice, contact me.